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"I began using Simply All Access as soon as it came out. My job is teaching Bible at a Christian High School 20 hours a week as part of my full-time youth ministry position at a church. I don't have time to write my own material as often as I'd like to. This is the best product I have seen in a long time."
Jon Kelly
Associate Pastor
Webster Bible Church

"Looking for help with planning out a teaching series? What are you using for your small groups or Sunday School? This resource is great for both plus you get extras also! My favorite thing is that you get to choose which teaching series and small group material fit your ministry best.

Take the teaching series and customize it to your group and get all the extras like graphics, outlines and other promotional material without having to hire a graphic designer. Need to get leaders solid Bible study material then pick from the small group options. I have also enjoyed getting new backgrounds or games that we can use in our ministry. Simply Access has it all!"
Scott Tinman
Pastor of Children & Student Ministries
First Free Church of Moline

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